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Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges
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Dental Implants Are The  Best Solution

Bridges usually only last 3-6 years, and requires modifying the adjacent teeth. Dental Implants last 10-15 years, and only involve the missing tooth, and not the neighboring teeth.


Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges

Tooth loss is often the result of injuries, dental diseases, and the aging processes. You may consider replacing your missing teeth for several reasons: enhancing your physical appearance, correcting your speech impediment, and improving your chewing ability. A concern you may not have considered for tooth replacement is if you do not get a substitute tooth in time, the neighboring teeth move into this space creating gaps and unevenness. The most popular tooth replacement options available to you are dental implants and dental bridges.



Dental Implants versus Dental Bridges At-A-Glance

Dental Implants Dallas Fort Worth gladly discusses with you all possible options to replace your missing tooth or teeth. During the discussion, we will discuss cost, durability, appearance, and maintenance. The following at-a-glance table compares dental implants and dental bridges.

Dental Implants Dental Bridges
Procedure Surgical
Implant screws into jaw bone
Requires implant, post, false tooth
False tooth sits on post
Surgical, but less invasive
Does not involve jawbone
Metal bridge anchors onto adjacent teeth
False tooth seals gap
Appearance More natural, only false tooth shows Bridge is noticeable at times
Cost More expensive Less expensive, sometimes
Durability Almost permanent, usually last between 10-15 years Usually last between 3-6 years
Convenience Very convenient Convenient
Concerns Cost
Longer healing time
Requires invasion onto healthy teeth

A dental bridge may be right for you short term. However, dental implants provide a wonderful solution to several of the drawbacks experienced with dental bridges. When you have one or more dental implants topped with your custom-designed dental crown, you teeth appear more natural and function more naturally, as well. Additional benefits of dental implants follow.

  • Preserves your neighboring teeth
  • Increases your chewing support
  • Causes little to no gum irritation
  • Ceases bone loss and gum recession
  • Prevents slipping of tooth

A dental bridge may fit your dental needs better, in some cases; for instance, if you are a smoker, you may not be a candidate for dental implants. Maybe you are concern about the time involved with dental implants. A dental bridge is a usually faster and easier dental procedure. It can be placed in two appointments, spaced maybe a week or two apart.

Dental Implants Dallas Fort Worth wants you to be confident with your dental decisions. We offer initial consultations to determine which treatment would be better for you to replace your missing tooth or teeth: dental implants or dental bridges. It is convenient to have choices, but sometimes choices can overwhelm you. Dental Implants Dallas Fort Worth is ready to help you select the dental treatment that suits you.


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