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Partial Dentures
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One of the significant advantages of partial dentures is that they are removable, which can make chewing easier.


Partial Dentures

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are removable, custom-made dentures made of lightweight metal alloys covered in part by a gum-colored acrylic to create a more natural look when you smile. The device, which can replace one or more missing teeth, is made of plastic resins or porcelain. On each end of the partial dentures, metal clasps secure the device to the adjacent teeth of the space requiring a tooth or teeth replacements.

Am I a Candidate for Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are for people who are only missing one or a few teeth due to injury, disease, or age and want to improve their smile. If missing teeth are your dental concerns, you will want to consider partial dentures. Our friendly, knowledgeable dental team at Dental Implants Dallas Fort Worth will gladly discuss your options for replacement teeth, taking into account the dental health of your remaining teeth and overall dental health goals.

What are the Advantages of Partial Dentures?

One of the significant advantages of partial dentures is that they are removable, and you can easily remove them from your mouth. You may want to remove the partial dentures so chewing is easier. Partial dentures also allow an even pressure distribution when you bite down saving the wearing down of gum and bone area where the tooth or teeth are missing. Dr. Titensor can produce partial dentures so that the metal clasps do not show, creating a more natural look, and if, unfortunately, you lose another tooth in the same area, he can add a new replacement tooth to your existing set of partial dentures.

When evaluating your dental options for tooth or teeth replacement, you will learn that many people prefer partial dentures to dental implants because partial dentures are effective immediately. Dental implants require months to heal. Another advantage when considering partial dentures is that they are nearly always much less expensive than dental implants.

Are there Different Types of Partial Dentures?

Dental Implants Dallas Fort Worth will help you choose the type of partial dentures that satisfy your replacement tooth or teeth issues, making sure we create a smile that lets you be your confident self. Following are various types of partial dentures for you to consider.

  • Precision partial dentures – less visible than removable partials, but they are difficult to adjust.
  • Flipper partial dentures - least expensive of the partial dentures; uses metal and acrylic plastic to secure device to adjacent teeth.
  • Cast-metal partial dentures – more durable than flippers and are supported entirely by a metal framework that sits on adjacent teeth.
  • Flexible-framework partial dentures – made from a nylon-based plastic; it suctions to the roof or base of the mouth and molds around the gums above adjacent teeth. Nearly indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth, flexible-framework partial dentures do not strain or deteriorate your natural teeth.
  • Partial dentures are available in many forms; however, one commonality shared by all types is that the teeth on either side of the partial denture always support it. The integrity of your supporting, natural teeth is vital to the success of your partial dentures.

What Do I Need to Do If I Want Partial Dentures?

Prior to getting partial dentures of any type, you want to schedule your dental exam with Dr. Titensor. During your dental examine, Dr. Titensor will closely evaluate your remaining teeth and your gums. Signs of gum disease or unstable teeth do not mean you are not a candidate for partial dentures, but remember; partial dentures rely on your gums and your existing teeth to remain in place. What Dr. Titensor will recommend at this point is for you to undergo dental procedures before you start wearing your partial dentures to make sure the partial dentures do not cause your oral health to deteriorate further.

Dental Implants Dallas Fort Worth wants you to have an exceptional dental experience when you are wearing your partial dentures. We guarantee a success that will leave you smiling.


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New To Dr. Titensor Practice. I was very impressed with the quality of care and concern shown to me when I checked out their office. Needing a Dentist in my area I was looking on the internet and found Dr. Titensor. They are great to deal with and very helpful. One of the things that impressed me was the no judgement or pressure to do anything except what I could afford to do. Their willingness to work with me was very impressive I thought. Thank you Dr. Titensor & staff.

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